We want to provide you with some ideas to get your first 5 clients up and running within the first couple of months.  For 1 hour per client per week, that can bring you in $1000 a month, just by working 5 hours a week (based on a $50 per hour rate).

5 hours.  That’s not a lot.  In fact, that’s a sunday afternoon or a saturday morning.  Or one hour per week day.  Which ever way you look at it, it’s not a lot of work in order to get $1000 rolling in and help you out financially, whilst doing something you love.

Here is how strive towards becoming a full-time coach and make a success of your sports coaching job:

1. Offer a free indoor or outdoor game review in your profile summary.

Game reviews are invaluable to yourself, the athlete and the parent.  They enable you to:

  • Get an accurate analysis and stats of what the athlete has to work on.  Sometimes what the parent and athlete think they should work on as a priority is not correct.
  • Provides you and the athlete with a long-term plan of what needs to be worked on.  Long term = more sessions for you.
  • When evaluating these rated games, build a relationship and get to know the parent on the sideline whilst watching the athlete.
  • Creates interest from other parents who may then hire you.  I’ve had lots of people approach me whilst watching a game.  When someone else on their team has hired you, you have immediate credibility when introductions are made to other parents.

2.  Offer a free 15 minute assessment before your first session.

Just like the Wonderlic test for employees and NFL players, as a way to differentiate yourself in your profile, offer your clients a 15 minute free assessment.  Offer the 15 minute assessment in your profile summary.


In the assessment create a 15 minute test that covers:

  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Juggling
  • Ball control

Have the tests set out before the athlete arrives to show how well organised you are.  It is an enjoyable, productive and interesting first 15 minutes for the athlete and will guarantee you a repeat booking with the parent.  It shows you’re organised, plan your sessions and want to get to know the athletes strengths and weaknesses as soon as possible.  All for 15 minutes of work.

3.  Set a price that will attract people.

Think carefully about your price.  Set a price that you know will get people through the door.  Once they’re through the door, you should be confident enough to rely on your coaching style and coaching ability to retain them.

If you set your price too low, then people might think you’re too cheap.  If it’s too high then people just aren’t going to bite the bullet.

Working on your right price is essential to booking new clients.

The price is something you should be changing until you find the balance.  If you’re getting more clients than you can handle then maybe your price is too low.  If you’re not getting enough, may be it’s too high.

Once you set a price for a person though, I would keep to that price and honour the price you originally set them.  No clients will like a constantly changing price.

4.  Send an email invitation to your current clients or athletes

StriveFar has an invitation email template that asks that awkward question for you.  Using a 3rd party to ask the difficult question of “Would you like some sessions with me?”, takes stress away from you in asking that potentially awkward question.  It also makes it more comfortable for the client to say no.  No-one likes to be put under pressure or feel obligated to say yes to an offer.  But StriveFar offering you to coach their child is a very different thing that makes it a comfortable situation for both sides.

Use the ‘Client’ tab in your account to send the email invitation

5.  Increase your number of reviews

Have a client review you on StriveFar to boost your review rating for social proof.

Have you ever heard of the Robert Cialdini influence?  Or the Psychology of Persuasion?  He talks about social proof and the effect that has on other people to influence them.  The basic premise is that people will do things that they see other people are doing.

Now this works beautifully.  The more good reviews you have, the more new clients will likely book you.  Take a look at this interesting study looking at the Impact of Online Reviews on Customers’ Buying Decisions.  90% of customer decisions are influenced by online reviews!

Reviews are a huge way to boost your attractiveness to new clients

Needless to say, the power of social proof when people are scanning your profile will be huge, so work hard to make your sessions amazing and build a good rapport with the parent so they are likely to positively review you.

6.  Spend time to get a great photo. The photo is one of the most important factors for picking a coach.

In our user testing, we found that the largest deciding factor on whether a client will choose you or not comes from your profile picture.  If they like the look of you from that first impression, they’ll look further into your profile.  If you don’t have a good photo or don’t like your profile pic, they will not go any further.

Check out here How to take the perfect profile picture.  Make yourself look like a coach.  Wear coach like uniform.  Be friendly.  Be approachable in your picture.  No kid is going to choose the scariest coach.

Have fun with your profile picture – without a good one you won’t get to your first 5 clients.

7.  Pick park locations that are in key demographic markets for private coaching

Don’t make the mistake of just picking the park that is nearest to you.  If you don’t live in the right areas for private coaching, you’re likely to get fewer requests to be booked.  People obviously want convenience in their lives and where the session is held will be a big deal for them.

We’ll work out your key demographic areas for you.  Just pick a park in those area for you to get more business.

At StriveFar, we have done the work for you.  Have a look at the above map to see where the key demographic areas are for high population of under 18’s and a relatively high income.  Pick these places for your session location if you want more business your way.

8.  In your coaching philosophy, detail how you will positively affect the athletes performance.

In your profile, we want you to say how great you are too, but what will really resonate with the person looking to book you is what you can do for them.

Mentioning what you can work on, like confidence, shooting, passing, fear of failure, will be a big draw for some parents who are looking to improve those exact aspects of their child’s performance.  Make your profile resonate with the audience you’re trying to sell to.  Think about what they want out of this and your profile will be much more powerful and help you secure your first 5 clients.