Being able to train outdoors all year-long takes a certain amount of commitment and only a few will be willing to do it.  However, training outdoors doesn’t have to be as hard, painful and cold as you might think.  All you need is the right clothing to get you through the winter months.

Here are 5 of the best items of clothing to help you train outside all year round, in comfort and warmth!

1. Neck Gator


These are absolutely brilliant at keeping you that extra bit warmer, acting as a scarf that doesn’t impede you when you play.  It really helps to keep your neck and lower face nice and cosy!

2. Gloves

Your extremities are the most important thing to keep warm during any time spent outside in cold weather. Buying specific gloves for the sport you’re playing can really help you out.  These soccer gloves are all tailor-made so the ball won’t slip when you take throw-ins.

3. Base Layers

Probably one of the most important pieces of clothing you can buy to keep away the cold this winter.  These work well for under your playing shirt and also under your shorts.  Both help you feel that much more comfortable, allowing you to concentrate on the game, rather than how cold you feel!

The base layers with a neck piece are also great at giving you a bit more protection.  Choose long or short-sleeved.

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4. Headband

The other extremity you’ll need to take care of is your ears.  Hats are ok but will sometimes impair visibility and hearing, obviously both essential for playing sports.

The best compromise in terms of keeping your ears and head warm whilst not over-heating and impairing your senses, is a headband.  These still allow heat to escape through the top of your head so you don’t overheat with a hat.

The material of the headband is also important.  Choose a headband that is light and will wick the moisture from the forehead.  Stay away from wool headbands as they’ll absorb the moisture you’ll create and also lose the tight feel that you’ll need when running about.

5. Warm-up Top

Whilst you’re warming up to a match or just starting your training, a warm-up top is essential to create some heat and get you ready for the match.

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SoccerStop is an official partner of StriveFar and has a wide variety of clothing items that will keep you warm in the winter months.