All these drills are designed to be done in your backyard, when you have a spare half an hour before dinner or when you’re bored.  They all focus on some sort of ball control and will enable you to be so much more comfortable with the ball.  Just go out for a kick about, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and really see your touch improve.


Juggling is one of the best things anyone can do by themselves.  It works on your control, your touch and ultimately makes you a much more comfortable ball player.

Start off easy:

Then go to two juggles and a bounce.  Then once you’re comfortable, into the continuous juggling.


My advice is just to concentrate on a few moves and master them.  You won’t really need more than a few to be a really effective player.  My favorites are the Cruyff, Drag Back, Inside Cut and Outside Cut.  Remember to sprint away after each one.  Turns are all about a change of pace and change of direction.


Just like the turns, have a few go to fakes that you’re really comfortable with.  Master a few, rather than being average at many.  My favorites are the Shoulder drop, scissors and Step-over.

Ball Control

Ball control is an essential part of anyone’s game.   Being able to control the ball is a MUST, whatever level you play.  Think of controlling a ball like trying to catch an egg without breaking the egg – you’ll have to take all the pace off the egg for it not to smash.  The faster the ball is traveling at you, the more you will have to cushion the ball.


Dribbling and Ball Manipulation

So much to do with dribbling that will help your game and get quick feet for skipping around the opposition with ease.  Try these few drills to become instantly more comfortable with the ball.