Any top class soccer player in the world will probably have had the same best friends as the other top players, when they were growing up.  One best mate is a ball and the other best mate is a wall!

The amount of progress that can be made with a wall and a ball is astonishing.  Playing on your own, in your own time, is an essential part of becoming a top player.  Without it, it simply won’t happen.

Here are a few simple drills to be done with a wall and a ball!


Use the wall to do continuous juggling, just like playing a game of soccer tennis with someone that always passes back to you!  Use bounces as well to make it easier.

Ball control

Throw/kick the ball up and control with your thigh, chest or feet.

Shooting – Accuracy

Pick a spot and aim for it.  Hit on the run or from standing still.  Even draw a target with some chalk if you need to.  Make sure you have a bit of space and a big wall for this one!

Shooting – Power

This is really fun and awesome for getting any frustration out!  Smash the ball against the wall, preferably with a target (chalk works great) to aim towards.  Again, make sure you’ve got some space and no windows about!

Passing and Receiving the Ball

Practice your short passing technique with the inside of the foot.  Learn how to weight your pass so you receive the ball with the correct amount of power.

A wall is also the perfect companion for receiving a good pass.  Whatever you give the wall, it will give back to you – so make sure your pass is good! Here’s a variety of ways to receive the ball.

Half Volleys and Volleys

Just like the passing, whatever volley you give the wall, it will give it back to you.  Try lace volleys and some half volleys too.  Progress it on by controlling the ball as it comes back to you.

Also try some inside of the foot volleys to improve your touch and control of the ball.


Practice your attacking and defending heading.  The more comfortable you get, the further away you can go.